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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Okay, so recently after my fixation with Ouran I came across one of the anime featured in the AMV Hell series. It features a lilac haired angel killing this boy repeatedly.

I found that the anime was called Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Club you to death angel Dokuro-chan). I watched all the episodes and I have to say that foan OAV I was very pleased with the animation. The only diappointment was that the series was too short and when more episodes were made, it was not done by the same animators and Dokuro-chan’s hair was changed in color.

Over-all it’s worth checking out if you want cute girls, mindless violence, main character dying at random, explosive diarrhea and pedophiles.

Actually, forget the pedophiles, but it’s a good anime and you should check it out.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

Ouran High School Host Club – Problems

Sorry in advance ladies and gentlemen,

I wanted to try and keep this blog about moving and helpful subjects but as I’ve finished watching Ouran through for a second time I’m hit with a small wave of disappointment at the deus ex machina ending to it all.

While I empathize with Haruhi and her determination to pay off her debt to the Host Club and her indifference about people mistaking her gender, I can’t take the sudden 180 of emotions toward Tamaki in stride. I just don’t see Haruhi suddenly realizing that she loves Tamaki and has loved him since the beginning. Tamaki’s character is too childish and confused on his own in the anime to accept that she suddenly becomes aware that she loves the sexually harrassing senpai.

Tamaki doesn’t realize his own emotions because he sees the Host Club as a family and uses the family dynamic to incorrectly label the feelings of jealousy and protectiveness he feels toward Haruhi. He feels that as ‘daddy’ he should protect Haruhi’s first kiss, but really he wants to be the one to take her first kiss. His inability to cope with these feelings is what makes the ending hard to believe.

There is one thing I caught in the second round of watching Ouran I didn’t see the first time. At the end Superintendent Suoh is speaking with Mr. Ootori about Haruhi. Ootori says he intends her to be Kyouya’s bride, and Suoh says that they can’t really end their disagreements then because he intends her to be Tamaki’s bride.

I think that even the Hitachiin brothers’ mother would want Haruhi for her sons. In the manga Haruhi has met members of Kyouya and Hikaru/Kaoru’s families.

Haruhi has slowly wriggled into the hearts of all the hosts and I think they would all be hard-pressed to give her up, regardless of her social status. But just being their special scholarship student gives her class A status.

There are a ton of potential relationship paths in Ouran and I’m tempted to begin writing fanfiction plots and things. Perhaps you’ll see some of them up here.


Demosthenes out.