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Neopets has long since been my on again off agan habit. I haven’t touched my account for going on two years but everything is still sitting there as I log in today.

There are millions of new changes and things to learn and relearn about neopets. They’ve changed a lot of the games and scoring for the games and with one exception I’ve found there’s a limit to 1,000np per game.

The exception being of course, Key Quest, the newest (to me) addition to the NeoPets site.

The guides at have been most helpful in reacquainting me with Neopets. Also they have several services that will help you get organized, start making your own fonts and even tutorials on how to make neopets-esque banners and other nifty things.

Along with JellyNeo they also have their item database. You can look up any item on neopets and find out how much it’s worth.

At JellyNeo if you spend time at their site during the day you’ll see alerts pop up, such as ‘Alert! The Snowager is sleeping!’ and should you click on it it will take you directly to the snowager in the Ice Caves so you can try your luck at collecting a prize.

The site is usually updated with the latest faerie crossword answers and daily puzzle answers shortly after midnight NST.

The staff at JellyNeo do their best to provide their members with the most accurate and up to date information.

They also have several sections where you, the neopian, can assist them with their items databases.

With the advent of the new wearable items in Neopia, the staff at JellyNeo are in need of models for some of the newer wearable items. Though, trying to obtain some of these items may prove difficult (some items they need modeled currently include a 30,000np Summertime Fun Sloth Spray Mister Necklace.) The staff at JellyNeo readily award their models (the first person to post the needed neopet) with 500 Joodles. Joodles are the forum currency and you can even buy items and things specifically for the jellyneo forums.

Check JellyNeo out, you’ll be surprised.

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