Monthly Archives: December 2009


Okay, so NANOWRIMO is officially over! Everyone rejoice~!

Did you win? Did you ‘lose’? Did you come out just about in the middle?

Win or lose you’ve started on the steps of a great adventure and even if you didn’t hit 50,000 words in one month, you’ve started an epic journey that will make a great story so keep on writing.

I personally made it to 14,500 words before the end of the month, with half-assed writing and taking many breaks to do other things like watching Toradora and even watching Twilight and playing Fable 2. I’ll save my opinions about the Twilight ‘saga’ for another post/review.

I’ve started an epic tale, and I won’t stop until the plot arc is finished, 50,000 words or not.

Take care Wrimos and good luck on your next steps if you’ve finished your first drafts.