Kaladea: The Aria or ‘Be Kind to Your Fine Feathered Friends’

Of the four races of the world of Kaladea the one I’ve worked on the most so far is The Aria.

The Aria are a race of winged humanoids native to mountain ranges though their kind has spread throughout the lands. They prefer to live on the sheer cliff faces of the mountains. Their villages are hard to find and harder to navigate to on foot for other species, making the trade routes almost non-existent for those outside their kind. The lack of ‘contamination’ from outside sources has led to a very unique and close-knit society.

Having many similar physical characteristics to a human, the Aria are generally at average or just below average height for a human. Their bodies are built for speed and agility and so are more suited toward lighter faster attacks than other races. Favoring lighter weight armors and weapons, the Aria stay ready to take to the skies at any given moment.

Many young Aria go through a wandering period where they explore their neighboring villages and territories, though no Aria could ever truly own Daya. Daya, the bosom of the earth, the mother of all living creatures. The Aria believe themselves to be modeled after Daya’s living vessel, the hawk.

While skin tones and feather patterns are as diverse as the clouds in the sky, the Aria generally prefer to keep their hair pulled back in some manner to keep it from interfering during fighting or flights.

Many young Aria now have lost sight of their heritage after the destruction of the temple of Liora, patron goddess of the ruined city of Bashal. The destruction of Bashal marked the change of an entire half of Kaladea.

The unfortunate young Aria to be living in the Bashal Archipelago have to seek out elders of their own kind to teach them the ancient ways of speaking with Daya through all her living creatures.

Older Aria can use Daya’s creatures to carry messages to other of their kind that have ears enough to hear it. Arian wise women speak of those who used to be able to commune with Daya directly through the earth beneath their feet or through whispers on the wind. Though no one can be sure if those are only stories.

The young Arians located around the Bashal Archipelago have learned to mix with other races and cultures of Kaladea, leading to more diversified talents and skills. The mysterious assassin dubbed the Raven was rumored to be an Arian because all that was left at the scene were lustrous black feathers.

That’s all for now, I’ll update with more info on Kaladea later.

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