Monthly Archives: March 2016

Daily Doodles Round 2

Okay, so today I almost lost focus on the goal I JUST MADE yesterday. XD But I remembered and spent a good solid twenty minutes doing 30 second drawing practices on hands and expressions, which are admittedly sometimes a weak point for me. Also, still getting used to the digital sketching thing. I might try some other brush settings a little later this week. Trying to structure my practices more like they were in my figure drawing classes.


Again, sketches are past the cut. 🙂


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Daily Doodles

I’m trying to get in the routine of drawing every day. Dealing with my lack of motivation from my depression isn’t easy but I feel like having a solid daily routine will help me improve my artwork in the long run.

Goal-setting always seemed somewhat counter productive and like you were just setting yourself up for failure. There has always been a lot of pressure for me to do my best and never make mistakes. I’m learning that making mistakes is actually a part of the growth process and every mistake you make is another lesson you’ve learned on your road to success.

So, goal number one is to draw every day and update the blog. Doodles are just past the cut.


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