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RPG Maker Game Test

So here is the 80% complete version of my rescued the captured prince game.

If you play it drop me a comment or a message and let me know what you thought. The combat system is still a little whacked but it’s getting there.

File is being distributed via FileDropper.

Good luck 🙂

Daily Doodle 3?

So instead of doing a doodle for today I was asked to design a cookie cutter/dough stamp for a pie my hubby is making, and this is my crude design. It’s printing now, I hope it turns out the way he wants… I’ll probably upload pictures if it comes out and is useful. 😛



d20 design d20 designB

Daily Doodles Round 2

Okay, so today I almost lost focus on the goal I JUST MADE yesterday. XD But I remembered and spent a good solid twenty minutes doing 30 second drawing practices on hands and expressions, which are admittedly sometimes a weak point for me. Also, still getting used to the digital sketching thing. I might try some other brush settings a little later this week. Trying to structure my practices more like they were in my figure drawing classes.


Again, sketches are past the cut. 🙂


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Daily Doodles

I’m trying to get in the routine of drawing every day. Dealing with my lack of motivation from my depression isn’t easy but I feel like having a solid daily routine will help me improve my artwork in the long run.

Goal-setting always seemed somewhat counter productive and like you were just setting yourself up for failure. There has always been a lot of pressure for me to do my best and never make mistakes. I’m learning that making mistakes is actually a part of the growth process and every mistake you make is another lesson you’ve learned on your road to success.

So, goal number one is to draw every day and update the blog. Doodles are just past the cut.


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First Ren’Py Game

I made my first game using Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine. It’s a short experiment with the basic mechanics of coding a Ren’Py game. The graphics were pulled off of Google image search and run through a few filters and slapped in more or less as placeholder images while I was testing out basic functions.

You can download and play test the exceptionally short game I made entitled “The Snack” here.


thesnack 01thesnack 02 thesnack 03

Paint Tool SAI Test

Playing with Paint Tool SAI. Friend linked me the English version so I’m playing with the trial to see if I like it.


Checking out the brush types and the rotation feature, etc.




Interval Training and You

Podrunner Intervals:

Couch To 5k:

Just downloaded some ‘blank’ intervals that have no music mixes added. Thinking of downloading garageband or cooleditpro or some other audio program and making my own anime/bemani running mixes.

If I’m going to do something, I might as well enjoy it, right? So, why not make my own music mixes to accompany my runs when I start.

Neopets – JellyNeo

Neopets has long since been my on again off agan habit. I haven’t touched my account for going on two years but everything is still sitting there as I log in today.

There are millions of new changes and things to learn and relearn about neopets. They’ve changed a lot of the games and scoring for the games and with one exception I’ve found there’s a limit to 1,000np per game.

The exception being of course, Key Quest, the newest (to me) addition to the NeoPets site.

The guides at have been most helpful in reacquainting me with Neopets. Also they have several services that will help you get organized, start making your own fonts and even tutorials on how to make neopets-esque banners and other nifty things.

Along with JellyNeo they also have their item database. You can look up any item on neopets and find out how much it’s worth.

At JellyNeo if you spend time at their site during the day you’ll see alerts pop up, such as ‘Alert! The Snowager is sleeping!’ and should you click on it it will take you directly to the snowager in the Ice Caves so you can try your luck at collecting a prize.

The site is usually updated with the latest faerie crossword answers and daily puzzle answers shortly after midnight NST.

The staff at JellyNeo do their best to provide their members with the most accurate and up to date information.

They also have several sections where you, the neopian, can assist them with their items databases.

With the advent of the new wearable items in Neopia, the staff at JellyNeo are in need of models for some of the newer wearable items. Though, trying to obtain some of these items may prove difficult (some items they need modeled currently include a 30,000np Summertime Fun Sloth Spray Mister Necklace.) The staff at JellyNeo readily award their models (the first person to post the needed neopet) with 500 Joodles. Joodles are the forum currency and you can even buy items and things specifically for the jellyneo forums.

Check JellyNeo out, you’ll be surprised.

DebtKid and You

So, readers, recently I fell upon the blog of DebtKid and found that he has very sound advice. He is using his own experiences of being very very far into debt to help others avoid the problem entirely.

While I myself have decent credit, it never hurts to learn a few tips to build up your credit.

In today’s market it’s hard to get a good credit card because banks are taking fewer and fewer risks on people. If your credit is bad or does not exist… or even if you have a limited credit history and low credit limits (500.00 or less) the banks now see that as a bad sign.

There are people who think that they can live in a ‘cash and carry’ kind of mode, but without any kind of credit rating those people will be hard pressed to find any kind of financing for the shiny new car they want, or the house they want to buy.

The simple fact is, if you want any kind of loan, including a car loan or a mortgage, you have to have an established credit history and it has to be in good standing.

So my best advice would be to hit up google and search for the DebtKid and see what he has to say about knocking your score up a few points before you go in for that car or house loan.

Ad Infinitum

Please come in and stay a while.

Hopefully you will find my entries interesting and come back again soon.


Looking out at the city at night is like looking into the sky. Infinite light and lives rushing by while you sit there at your laptop or your TV ignoring the world around you. Ignoring the countries in turmoil and the diseases spreading from nation to nation. Conveniently forgetting that America is not the greatest power in the world and is, in fact, indebted to several countries outside itself.

Life gets harder as the recession hits home and things get tighter and tighter until you are working four jobs just to breathe. A black president has the weight of a nation on his shoulders and the hopes of a people he has to dance upon as though they were eggshells. Obama has his work cut out for him and if he is not careful will break many dreams before the end of his presidency.

He inspired millions in the nation as many men before him have done, but the men that came before were all assassinated, will Obama be the next in line? Or is the nation ready for the change that so many have tried to bring? Will the nation rebuild under his seemingly sensible guidance? Or will Americans again be misled by a magic show, seeing one thing while reality is not as it seems?

Time will tell for this, the next historical president.