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Cute POP/Electromagnetic Wave Artwork Pools

I love POP artwork so much, so I figured I’d share links to pools of such artwork. It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anyway. I’ve separated them into two categories. One safe-for-work category, and another less-safe-for-work category. There’s a lot of cute pictures in both categories, I just separated out pools that contain at least a few pictures that may get you in trouble at work. Oh, and check the bottom of the post if you might be interested in pre-ordering a Cirno figure designed by POP!

Safe for work:

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Cirno Cirno Cirno!

Was browsing the random imageboards and found these wonderful entities of Cirno awesomeness.  You can find way more at (though some may be a little NSFW depending on how crazy your workplace is.)

Lily White

Time for some random Lily White images originally posted on 4chan’s Anime/Cute board!  Lily White is a character from the Touhou Project series.

Take the ‘Disgustingly Cute’ challenge

The challenge as posted on /c/:

Click on the link and see how close you get to page 23. If you d’awwwwww, HHHHNNNNNGGG, or react to any one of the images, you lose. […]

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be up against:

Pajama Post 2

Pajama POP

Pajama POP

I love POP artwork and this just earned itself a place as one of my most favorite pieces of artwork ever. This is old apparently, but it’s new to me. It’s from Dengeki Moeoh 2004-02.

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Pajama Post 1

Cutesy Pajama Girl - Princess Party

Cutesy Pajama Girl - Princess Party

Stumbled upon this while browsing.  I know nothing about the source art book. but this picture is absolutely super cutesy and so it’s here.  You can find more from it at Actually, you can get this image in much higher quality there as well.