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Sakurako Screenshot Wallpaper

Sometimes it’s fun to make a screenshot collage wallpaper. This one featuring Sakurako from the anime YuruYuri. Four versions available, one using the Sakurako’s eyecatch as the background in wide and standard sizes, and another using one of the screenshots prominently featuring her face, also in wide and standard sizes.

Sakurako – Eyecatch With Collage 16:9

Sakurako – Eyecatch With Collage 4:3

Sakurako – Collage 16:9

Sakurako – Collage 4:3

Boredom to… Cute Online Coloring Sheet

I got bored one Saturday night and drew a little chibi character. And then proceeded to make a coloring sheet out of her. I think I might try to make more of these in the future.

I also made one of Miku from a video screenshot a while ago and never wrote a post about it.

Cirno Drawn in SAI

Found this while viewing YouTube videos the other day. Watch Cirno get drawn in SAI Paint Tool. I can only wish that I had this type of drawing skills. 😛