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Let’s go treasure hunting!

For a much larger full version (2455×3472), view either of the links below. I wish I could read Japanese so I could find more pictures like this without wandering aimlessly around pixiv. Oh well, one day perhaps. You can find more submissions by this artist at and I’ll tell you that I’ve bookmarked that member link.

Pixiv Link:
Imouto Link:

Random Cuteness: Ringo Yukimori

If you like cute shoujo anime, you might want to look into Lilpri.  I’ve only had a chance to watch the first episode of this anime, but it’s amazingly adorable from what I’ve seen.  A perfect example would have to be Ringo Yukimori‘s, cute impromptu signing scene!

Slight break in pattern

Generally I post images that you’d expect on to ssee anime/cute, but for this post, I present ye an adorable photo of a little girl that was posted to usenet.