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C.C. Lemon

Pixiv and Sunstory are doing a C.C. Lemon Character Mascot Illustration Contest.  (If you decide to enter, you could win ¥200,000 a C.C. lemon can featuring your artwork, reproduction of the image on billboards, promo material at Comiket 82, and a year’s supply of the drink.

I’ve picked some entries I thought were cute to share.  More after the break.

C.C.レモン擬人化 | 宇佐芽@リク募

C.C.レモン擬人化ミニ | susu

しーしーれもん☆ | 杏酢

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Usamimi Kaai Yuki!

うさみみ/椛朗 ~ pixiv

Kaai Yuki <3. Here’s an illustration of her with rabbit ears. Isn’t it super cute?

Aya Shameimaru Illustration

都会探検 / コマルリ -

Stumbled across this cute touhou illustration of Aya Shameimaru [Correction: Hatate Himekaidou] while browsing pixiv today.  Figured I’d share it, this linked picture above goes directly to the pixiv.  Hopefully she’s not about to write a story about you.

Stella Mayberk

ステラ / いぬみや (pixiv link)

Here’s an illustration of Stella Mayberk from Fortune Summoners. I recently beat that game actually.


キスメ / もも旅@消失 (pixiv link)

This is a beautiful illustration of Kisume from the Touhou Project series. I love the expression and the coloring is well done. You should check out the full resolution version at almost 1200×1700.