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Lily White

Time for some random Lily White images originally posted on 4chan’s Anime/Cute board!  Lily White is a character from the Touhou Project series.

Take the ‘Disgustingly Cute’ challenge

The challenge as posted on /c/:

Click on the link and see how close you get to page 23. If you d’awwwwww, HHHHNNNNNGGG, or react to any one of the images, you lose. […]

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be up against:

A couple of Touhou Pics

Some random images collected off /c/ from the Touhou Project games.  I suddenly want to play Imperishable Night…

Touhou adorableness

Found some touhou project artwork by POP whilst browsing, I’ve included a couple below, and you can get more, including the original images, at they are part of the POP – Touhou Shikisai Tan 2009 Calendar.