ACen Report

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I found myself in Chicago this past weekend for ACen, Anime Central, and was surprised by the vast improvements that had been made to the function and flow of the event.

Lines for registration in previous years have gone into the double digit hours (10+) long wait. It used to be true that you needed to bring a snack and a game to play. But as many others have observed, the wait to get your badge was significantly reduced this year over all.

It was a blessed improvement over the many hours long waits in line.

I wandered thoroughly through the artist’s alley and the vendor’s room in an attempt to see what people were doing and what I found was that most artists are doing similar handy crafts… like buttons, or magnets made out of those melty beads that you iron… Most of the artwork on display looks similar to one another, and so was not as interesting as it could have been.

I did however see the SNAFU Comics booth and bought a Dexter and a Zim badge. It was amazing that Dexter’s design by Bleedman was ripped off so much for Fusion Fold.

Spent about two hours in line to get into the rave on saturday, it was a pretty good event, lots of glowy shit. Only downside is that people don’t know how to dance or were too worn out from waiting in line to actually get into the mood.

Ad Infinitum

Please come in and stay a while.

Hopefully you will find my entries interesting and come back again soon.


Looking out at the city at night is like looking into the sky. Infinite light and lives rushing by while you sit there at your laptop or your TV ignoring the world around you. Ignoring the countries in turmoil and the diseases spreading from nation to nation. Conveniently forgetting that America is not the greatest power in the world and is, in fact, indebted to several countries outside itself.

Life gets harder as the recession hits home and things get tighter and tighter until you are working four jobs just to breathe. A black president has the weight of a nation on his shoulders and the hopes of a people he has to dance upon as though they were eggshells. Obama has his work cut out for him and if he is not careful will break many dreams before the end of his presidency.

He inspired millions in the nation as many men before him have done, but the men that came before were all assassinated, will Obama be the next in line? Or is the nation ready for the change that so many have tried to bring? Will the nation rebuild under his seemingly sensible guidance? Or will Americans again be misled by a magic show, seeing one thing while reality is not as it seems?

Time will tell for this, the next historical president.