RPG Maker Game Test

So here is the 80% complete version of my rescued the captured prince game.

If you play it drop me a comment or a message and let me know what you thought. The combat system is still a little whacked but it’s getting there.

File is being distributed via FileDropper.

Good luck 🙂

Daily Doodle 3?

So instead of doing a doodle for today I was asked to design a cookie cutter/dough stamp for a pie my hubby is making, and this is my crude design. It’s printing now, I hope it turns out the way he wants… I’ll probably upload pictures if it comes out and is useful. 😛



d20 design d20 designB

Daily Doodles Round 2

Okay, so today I almost lost focus on the goal I JUST MADE yesterday. XD But I remembered and spent a good solid twenty minutes doing 30 second drawing practices on hands and expressions, which are admittedly sometimes a weak point for me. Also, still getting used to the digital sketching thing. I might try some other brush settings a little later this week. Trying to structure my practices more like they were in my figure drawing classes.


Again, sketches are past the cut. 🙂



Daily Doodles

I’m trying to get in the routine of drawing every day. Dealing with my lack of motivation from my depression isn’t easy but I feel like having a solid daily routine will help me improve my artwork in the long run.

Goal-setting always seemed somewhat counter productive and like you were just setting yourself up for failure. There has always been a lot of pressure for me to do my best and never make mistakes. I’m learning that making mistakes is actually a part of the growth process and every mistake you make is another lesson you’ve learned on your road to success.

So, goal number one is to draw every day and update the blog. Doodles are just past the cut.



First Ren’Py Game

I made my first game using Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine. It’s a short experiment with the basic mechanics of coding a Ren’Py game. The graphics were pulled off of Google image search and run through a few filters and slapped in more or less as placeholder images while I was testing out basic functions.

You can download and play test the exceptionally short game I made entitled “The Snack” here.


thesnack 01thesnack 02 thesnack 03

Paint Tool SAI Test

Playing with Paint Tool SAI. Friend linked me the English version so I’m playing with the trial to see if I like it.


Checking out the brush types and the rotation feature, etc.




Kaladea Notes

Kaladea Notes

Sorry guys, these notes are kind of old but I don’t want to lose them if my laptop crashes again.

Creation Process:

Words from the mother-goddess creator:

“Awaken my child…”

“Are you the one who will lead this world to triumph, or to tragedy?”

“Brave soul, follow the path your heart sets for you and I promise you will do great things.”

“Your shining soul has been chosen out of many for incarnation into this world. Please choose your frame wisely.”

Tentative creation process:

Floating in the embrace of a warm darkness, you hear a woman’s voice call out to you softly, “Awaken my child…” her words seem to draw you downward. Below you a light appears and her voice emanates from the epicenter of that sun-like glow, “Are you the one who will lead my world into triumph?” As she speaks the word, triumph, images fill your mind of great kings, victory, peace and riches, “Or will you lead my world into tragedy?” as she speaks the word, tragedy, images of gruesome death, violent war, corruption, and greed flash through you. “My child, your shining spirit has been chosen of many of my children for incarnation into this world. Please choose your frame wisely.” At the utterance of the word “frame” the light envelops you and you stand in a square stone room with towering ornate pillars neatly framing a marble figure set in each shadowed archway.

((A faded nameplate at the base of each statue catches your eye. You notice strikingly different features for each statue and they each seem to be presenting you with a gift.))
(must look at each archway, look n arch, look s arch, etc. must look at the statues, look aria, look human, look northwood etc. once they look they can read, touch, tap whatever to get more information on each race. After they do that, to choose a race they simply take the item by accepting it.)

(Names are inscribed at the base of each statue. The statues hold an item toward you in their hands and it seems as if they present you with a gift. The aria statue presents to you a long silver feather. )

(Once the item is accepted (accept feather, ect.) they grow that body around them. And then the statue disappears and they walk through the door.)

A voice speaks softly from the darkness, “You have accepted this frame, come and make your offering.” You step through the archway and into (insert racial room here).

Room Aria:

A large open room with white oak pillars holding up the matching roof comes into view. The day’s sun shines in through the long flowing drapes of light green fabric that move in the gentle breeze. There lies before you a large bowl-shaped indent in the polished stone floor. As you draw near you see that the indent is deeper than you had thought, a large fire blazes in the center of the bowl.

“There is no turning back my child, release the spirit of your ancestors.” Comes the creator’s gentle voice carried on the breeze. The feather you hold in your hands feels suddenly as if it were made of lead.

(once they have dropped the feather into the fire)

The feather glows brilliantly for a moment before bursting into a million shards of light. The lights ricochet off the sides of the bowl and soar upward to form a large glowing eagle. The eagle of light lets out a loud screech and stretches its ethereal wings wide, surrounding you in the soft feathers of light. A gentle breeze seems to surround and flow through you. The floor fades from below your feet and you float gently on the eagle’s feathered wings toward what seems like a barren mountain cliff.

With a gust of wind from the ethereal wings you alight on the edge of the mountain cliff. Noises from below draw your attention to the city at the bottom of the valley formed by a strange ring-shaped mountain range.

(begin training sequence for the past!)

More About The Aria

The Aria are, of course, bird people. There are many types of bird people in the world, but they are all still the Aria, no matter which they take after. I’m thinking of having one specific kind of bird to model them after… what do you think? Hmm… Even with their wings tucked they would extend above the poor human body… Unless I attached them lower and made the wing-span different… Hmmm…. Where could I put wings on a human body that would not interfere with their range of motion? AHA! Most people attach wings to the shoulder-blades… Perhaps if I attached them just below there? Well, that takes care of the wing features, doesn’t it? What about the rest of them? There has to be more to them, they can’t just look like angels…

The Aria live in the… hmm… I still need to think of a layout for the lands. But a long time ago it was called the Western Peak. Yeah, that’s good.

Rocky hills and mountains with sheer dropoffs and cliff faces think the mountains in New Zealand or something, you’ll need reference pictures.

Levels of skills give the chance to learn certain songs/spells/abilities from the traveling circus man/men/women?

A traveling circus tours the island chain every once in a while and anyone who has taken up singing, or such godly troubadour skills may learn from the legendary (among bards, anyway) Ringmaster Armand Portious. (name in the works, I swear.) He is a master of vocal arts and magicks as well as optical illusion and sleight of hand (useful for thieves! Really!) that made him so famous as a magician. His troupe is made up of various masters of hidden arts, there is a siren that can teach you to sing a beast to sleep or complacency… You need only seek them out to discover what they can do.

I’ll think more about the Portious Troupe later, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a few new tricks that you can learn. *winks*

Armand Portious—Ring Master

Medina Raisher—Siren

Julius Berthold—Beast Master

Lisette Dekalb—Tight Rope Walker

Argus Montrose—Knife Thrower

Dresden Montrose—Knife Thrower’s Twin

Victor Raisher—Siren’s Son

Vesta—A strange young girl that Victor found and named

There obviously will be a plot line here… eventually… maybe there will be a reward or a quest gained by this troupe’s story.

Can you be exiled from cities and regions?

If I open up the world enough I’m sure we could work out being banned an exiled… If you were exiled I think it would be for repeat offenses of theft, offenses of treason and murder among many things. Too much stealing or dodging of bail could end in exile for an unlucky thief.


Medical potions, spells, elixirs, draughts, salves, teas, ointments, powders, pills, herbs, roots…

All can be foraged or made or bought by characters. Certain plants and herbs are native to certain areas. Hooray for having to travel and adding place utility to items that are common. There will always be healing herbs that will be common to certain areas.

Maybe we could also add a way to get seed and grow things on your own once you have a house?

Special tools:


Bottles of various sizes



Oils and fats for binding


Pill Press


Herb Pouch (waist, holds some)

Herb Sack (Larger, waist)

Herb Pack (back/shoulder, largest “for serious herbalists only.”)

Herb Basket (arm/hand, holds more than a pouch but less than a sack.)

Apron (Waist, holds a few)


Raw Herbs/roots

Dried Herbs/roots










Though the strength of effect varies depending on what it is made of and what it is created for. Pills are almost always most effective, but hardest to come by. They will sell well especially when created by players.

Herbs will have attributes and similarities to herbs in the real world. Advantages and disadvantages. Recipes for certain pills will be secret and hinted at in different locations. Perhaps even quest worthy. Like you can’t just find a recipe leaked out on the internet like this one (the pill one). They would need to complete something to be able to mix this pill. A certain level of skill, a quest that gives you access to a foraging spot that you can find the vital catalyst herb for it or something. Pills would likely be second world and above only, but they can be more useful than just your ordinary herbs.

Depending on the time period of the world, it would be next to impossible to have the pills in the first world.

I need to do research on ancient medicines!! That way I can have more ideas for mixes for just healing/poisoning. Maybe a bait for animals/beasts that if eaten can put them to sleep? Ooh, ranger powers.

More alchemical kinds of uses for the skills could be used to make small projectiles in the future world…. Hell there could even be an alchemy ‘class’ if you like.

Cooking ala Iron Chef

Should there be a far off land where through the game you can acquire recipes and use these recipes and things to compete against others in a cooking competition? Or perhaps be able to peddle your own goods to other players looking for foodstuffs.

Should you be able to open your own shop? Can you have your own restaurant? Or can you create a big operation from your own home’s kitchen? That would be great for certain things…

Skills for cooking? Well, I haven’t got any in mind… perhaps it should be stat based? Or stat and skill based for better odds? No, no burning down of buildings, but the charring of food is okay.

Collecting foods and things like in Suikoden 2? Or something better? Could you buy supplies from somewhere in different towns? And different towns have different meats and spices which you can collect and add to your repertoire? Would you have to cart them all to the city in which the competition is held? Or would you be able to have a house/summer home/vault in many different locations? Perhaps a global vault account that is more expensive?

Carl suggested that it could be an event or festival specific thing… It might work well that way.

Hana Fubuki – Working on Kaladea says:

Where you could wander around the festival booths and pick up recipes from the various food vendors and learn about spices and recipes and then se what you’ve learned to play a little Iron hef event heehee. Like when you enter the festival/event you can accept or decline a little festive notebook they would be handing out. It would record all the things you learned by wandering around and talking to people in it and you could use it for that event and maybe if the event repeats add new and different recipes on to your collection

You know there are days that I JUST feel like dying? Right now I just want to curl up in a bed and ignore the world for a while. I hate my period, it makes me feel so terrible. I get cramps, I get bloaty, I get gas and constipation, and I get horribly painful cramps,

People in STL:

  • Khademian
  • Gandylord
  • Farrar
  • Cosetta
  • Portious

Street Names in St. Louis:

  • Turnesa Lane
  • Trevillian
  • Trianon
  • Trillium
  • Tyrolean
  • Tullamoor
  • Demenil
  • Albion
  • Lami
  • Barton
  • Victor
  • Pierce
  • Bischoff
  • Hortus
  • Varrellman
  • Pomona
  • Marconi
  • Wise
  • Berthold
  • Devlin
  • Argus
  • Nox
  • Esther
  • Leola
  • Colletta
  • Tholozan
  • Nottingham
  • Lisette
  • Dresden
  • Oleatha
  • Osceola
  • Kealty
  • Julia
  • Dekalb
  • Cleon
  • Klocke
  • Vista
  • Juniata
  • Armand
  • Vanderburgh
  • Eads
  • Montrose
  • Ewing
  • Rutger
  • Papin
  • Gratiot
  • Albion
  • Hoehn
  • Jules
  • Cerre
  • Cole
  • New Ballas
  • Raisher
  • Medina

Random Definitions


One entry found for troubadour.

Main Entry: trou·ba·dour
Pronunciation: ‘trü-b&-“dor, -“dur
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Old Occitan trobador, from trobar to compose, from Vulgar Latin *tropare, from Latin tropus trope
1 : one of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the end of the 13th century chiefly in the south of France and the north of Italy and whose major theme was courtly love — compare TROUVERE
2 : a singer especially of folk songs

Main Entry: Oc·ci·tan
Pronunciation: ‘äk-s&-“tan
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Medieval Latin occitanus, from Old Occitan oc yes (contrasted with Old French oïl yes) + Medieval Latin -itanus (perhaps as in aquitanus of Aquitaine)
: a Romance language spoken in southern France
Occitan adjective

I want my city, the city of collared people, using collars as a marking of status within the city. I want the city to be divided by walls of varying heights and substances. The very inner walls will be shorter, weathered, and made of old stone. The outer walls will be huge impregnable things made out of iron and other such metals. The city itself is a city of continuing new developments while still holding to tradition. Perplexing, no?

I don’t have a name for this city yet, but I know that it will be a great one to work with. Outside of the city walls there is the outer city, or ‘the sprall’ (sprawl, mmm illiteracy, I can taste it now). The sprall is the slums of the city, it is inhabited by what are considered the untouchables.

The untouchables are not all terrible, they are simply poor. Like those within the city’s protective walls they have skills and special talents. They also sell unique items in their shops, hand made things to help them get by.

They are mostly a race of pseudo-humans of all colors (normal skin tones I mean).

There will be servant/slave collars for he important houses in the city. The nobles, or the higher ranking who own servants will have marks on the collars of their servants identifying whom it is they belong to. Ponder also stone collars for servants or collars magically attached so they are un-removable. Spell on said un-removable collars to allow them to grow with the person they are attached to.

These people are better suited for the magickal arts than other pursuits, but those pursuits are not denied for the sake of profit. Guild halls for all of the training needs can be accessed in this city.

Their bonus should be given to the stats that govern the magickal attributes, mentals or something like that.

I feel better when I’m being productive, rather than when I’m doing nothing. Even if it’s not my job I’m being productive at…

The Umbra—a non-player-character race (for now??) of dragon-like demi-humans. Their hidden city lies deep within the mountains and the forests on the mainland. In the history of the islands these people were long forgotten and passed into legend through the stories of a once ‘great’ hero. But they are alive and well still deep within their hidden underground city of (insert awesome name like Drakengaard here). The entrances to their city had all been sealed off after the great cleansing conducted by A’onar the Ruthless. Deciding that it was more beneficial to his children, the ‘father’ of the umbra sealed most of the entrances into the city and hid them away from the world at large. The city was ‘lost’ to the outside world. I could go on forever about the Umbra and their honorable warriors not too unlike samurai. (heh I could let Carl take care of the Umbra, think Drakonus love.. These would be the DR equivalent of S’kra-Mur but they’re not snakey people they’re dragon-ey people.)

Their underground city is, as detailed in my notes on the forest of illusion (name in works I swear it), unable to be entered by any normal means aside from going through the blatantly obvious entryway in the depths of the forest of whacked out-ness.

The Alterrans/Loamier/whatever in the hell we end up calling them

I want them to be a tribal people that aren’t exactly nomads but could be if they felt like it.

Kaladea: The Aria or ‘Be Kind to Your Fine Feathered Friends’

Of the four races of the world of Kaladea the one I’ve worked on the most so far is The Aria.

The Aria are a race of winged humanoids native to mountain ranges though their kind has spread throughout the lands. They prefer to live on the sheer cliff faces of the mountains. Their villages are hard to find and harder to navigate to on foot for other species, making the trade routes almost non-existent for those outside their kind. The lack of ‘contamination’ from outside sources has led to a very unique and close-knit society.


Interval Training and You

Podrunner Intervals: http://www.djsteveboy.com/1day25k.html

Couch To 5k: http://www.c25k.com/

Just downloaded some ‘blank’ intervals that have no music mixes added. Thinking of downloading garageband or cooleditpro or some other audio program and making my own anime/bemani running mixes.

If I’m going to do something, I might as well enjoy it, right? So, why not make my own music mixes to accompany my runs when I start.