Like cute/moé anime?



I just got done watching Kanamemo and I must say it was one of the cutest anime series I’ve ever watched. As a warning: it’s a bit yuri. You can stream it online at

Oh and if you’re looking for Kanamemo wallpapers, look in Crunchyroll’s photo albums:

Kanamemo Pic

A quick Kanamemo pic before I have to run out the door:

Kana, Saki, and Mika from Kanamemo!

Kana, Saki, and Mika from Kanamemo!

A couple of Touhou Pics

Some random images collected off /c/ from the Touhou Project games.  I suddenly want to play Imperishable Night…

Headphone Girls

Did someone say headphones?  You can find some more here:

Snow White

Some cute pictures from POP – Wonderland – Shirayuki Hime It’s up to you to put the pages back in the right order though, they don’t appear to be ordered correctly there. 😛  Here are a couple of samples, for the rest, click the link above.