Slight break in pattern

Generally I post images that you’d expect on to ssee anime/cute, but for this post, I present ye an adorable photo of a little girl that was posted to usenet.


Can it be Koboshi-chan tiem nao?

Koboshi-chan was, by far, my favorite character in Pita-ten.  That’s why I was thrilled when I ran across this wallpaper on 4chan the other day.  Fairly high resolution too.  Who wouldn’t want this cute little girl on their desktop?

Koboshi-chan wallpaper


Some more cute imagery from anime/cute – K-On! Thread may still be up at if you’re lucky.  Yui and Ui make an awesome team.

Hina Ichigo

This should be a familiar face to those of who have seen Rozen Maiden, distributed in the United States by Geneon Entertainment.  I think Hina’s the cutest of all the dolls, but that’s to be expected from the most child-like of them all.  If you hurry, you can grab the rest of the thread on /c/.

Touhou adorableness

Found some touhou project artwork by POP whilst browsing, I’ve included a couple below, and you can get more, including the original images, at they are part of the POP – Touhou Shikisai Tan 2009 Calendar.