Cute POP/Electromagnetic Wave Artwork Pools

I love POP artwork so much, so I figured I’d share links to pools of such artwork. It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anyway. I’ve separated them into two categories. One safe-for-work category, and another less-safe-for-work category. There’s a lot of cute pictures in both categories, I just separated out pools that contain at least a few pictures that may get you in trouble at work. Oh, and check the bottom of the post if you might be interested in pre-ordering a Cirno figure designed by POP!

Safe for work:


iOS Cirno Clock

Stumbled upon a tweet the other day for a Touhou Cirno clock in Apple’s App Store.  It’s nifty and free!  Downloaded it for my iPod touch.  However, I’d imagine it’s probably only available on the Japanese iTunes store.  Could be a world-wide downloadable thing though, I totally didn’t think to check.  If you don’t have a Japanese iTunes account, you can get one by redeeming a Japanese iTunes prepaid card.

Cirno Clock Screenshot

If you missed the link, here it is again:

Jealous of the Touhou Plushies

I know I’m linking to an ancient (in terms of Internet time) post, but you should check out these touhou plushies this person managed to get, included the Remilia Scarlet plushy picture as but one of the many shown in the post. Linkage: Plushies!

I really ought to stop spending my money on other random stuff and improve my plushy collection sometime.

Scarlet Inferno Wallpaper

I was bored and listening to my music collection when I noticed this cute touhou project album art, so I decided to make a wallpaper out of it.  The album is called “Scarlet Inferno” (Circle: PHOENIX Project, here’s a random song from the album)

There are two versions for both widescreen and standard 4/3 aspect: A scaled version and an oil-painted version.  I wasn’t sure which I liked better, so I figured that I’d upload both versions for each size.

Scarlet Inferno Wallpaper

Scaled Scarlet Inferno Wallpaper Sizes: 1024×7681280×9601600×1200


Remilia Scarlet FTW!

There can never be too many Remilia Scarlet pictures. 😀  These are low-resolution samples, you can find links to higher-resolution versions below.  Hehe, I even use one of the Remi firefox personas pretty regularly.

You can get the higher-resolution versions at :

Touhou Personas

I like how you can find a Firefox persona for pretty much any Touhou character.  Here are some of the cuter (imho) touhou Firefox personas: