Random Cuteness: Ringo Yukimori

If you like cute shoujo anime, you might want to look into Lilpri.  I’ve only had a chance to watch the first episode of this anime, but it’s amazingly adorable from what I’ve seen.  A perfect example would have to be Ringo Yukimori‘s, cute impromptu signing scene!

My Neighbor Totoro!

I remember watching My Neighbor Totoro over and over again as a kid and seeing some of these pictures totally brings back memories. <3 Studio Ghibli.

Some new cute wallpapers

Got bored and made some wallpapers, figured I might as well post them here. I found this illustration of a girl in a school uniform by POP, and layered it onto a couple of different background colors that I could switch out to match my mood.

Cute Wallaper made from POP artwork found online. - Green - WideScreen - 1280 x 768


Cirno Cirno Cirno!

Was browsing the random imageboards and found these wonderful entities of Cirno awesomeness.  You can find way more at http://www.pooshlmer.com/wakaba/res/397586.html (though some may be a little NSFW depending on how crazy your workplace is.)

Lily White

Time for some random Lily White images originally posted on 4chan’s Anime/Cute board!  Lily White is a character from the Touhou Project series.

Take the ‘Disgustingly Cute’ challenge

The challenge as posted on /c/:


Click on the link and see how close you get to page 23. If you d’awwwwww, HHHHNNNNNGGG, or react to any one of the images, you lose. […]

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be up against: