The Music of Ar Tonelico

Lately I’ve been playing quite a bit of Ar Tonelico, bought in part for my undying love of all things NIS, and I must say that I really like much of the music.  So much so in fact that I decided to rip some of the music out of the AFS file present on the game disc.

I don’t have the time (or desire) to upload the whole sound track, besides, there are plenty of different OST CDs to be had… such as this one on Amazon: Tsukikanade Ar Tonelico Hymmnos Concert Side [IMPORT] [SOUNDTRACK] If you have the game, you can extract the ADX audio files with AFX explorer.  Turn on “Ignore Descriptor’s Length” before opening the STREAM.AFS file.

Anyway here are two of my favorites, played during events in Crescent Chronicle:

crescent_chronicle.mp3 crescent_chronicle_2.mp3