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Fight evil, or be evil?

I’ve set up a little thing while playing with wildcard DNS on this domain. A faux-news story that you can modify by changing the sub-domain in the URL. Here is an excerpt from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs:

METROPOLIS – In the slums of Metropolis Bill Gates’s villainous deeds have been put to a stop for the foreseeable future. The hero, Steve Jobs has been credited for this tremendous feet.

It all transpired a few days ago when Bill Gates robbed First Banana Bank on the corner of 4th and Pacific.

Now how it works:

To modify it, simply change these two pieces of the URL. As you can see here, the hero’s name is given right before the .sh portion of the URL with hyphens (or dashes if you call them that) replaced with spaces and the villain’s name before that separated by periods.  So to make it the opposite, you’d make the URL try it out with your friend’s names or with off-the-wall names and send it to your friends.