Monthly Archives: August 2008

Full Metal Persocom

Full Metal Jacket never looked so cute or hilarious as Full Metal Persocom, a video I stumbled across while browsing /c/.

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The Music of Ar Tonelico

Lately I’ve been playing quite a bit of Ar Tonelico, bought in part for my undying love of all things NIS, and I must say that I really like much of the music.  So much so in fact that I decided to rip some of the music out of the AFS file present on the game disc.

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Ultra Veggie Yakisoba

The topic of vegetarian recipes came up in a recent conversation and while I’m not a Vegetarian, I figured I might share this:

I like yakisoba and I think it tastes pretty good when made with with all vegetables. I made some the other night with sliced potatoes and V8 juice used in place of actual yakisobi sauce. (Though if you are adventurous and try that V8 thing, you may want to add a bit of salt if you do that, or the noodles may still taste a bit bland.) I would have added peppers, but I’m the only one who would eat it if I did that. My vegetable-hating nephews ate it so I must have done something right. My cooking is less wisdom and more unchecked mad science.  I’ve found most kinds of noodles will taste good with just about anything.