Monthly Archives: July 2009

Simple aggregated RSS Feed with Pipes

Answering a question that was posed at work regarding RSS feeds and Yahoo Pipes.

Q: How can I make an aggregated RSS feed in Pipes?

A: If you have a set of RSS feeds you’d like to include in an aggregated feed, simply drag the fetch feed module into the workspace and click the addition (plus) button to add more source URLs for the module.  Then send the output to the pipe output. When you name and save the pipe, you’ll be able to get it as an RSS feed, or in a multitude of other formats.

linker – Decoupled Link List Management

Occasionally, you’ll have a project where one of the last minute ideas is to add a manageable list of links to a webpage or series of webpages.  Nothing fancy, just a list of links that can be plopped into a layout.

Well, this little project allows you to quickly set up a web-based administration for simple link lists.  This isn’t a full blown manager, but simply a piece of a larger project.  Should readily integrate into existing solutions if you’re willing to do some code.  At any rate, you provide the links in an easy to use back-end and then can pull that list in a variety of formats by hitting index.php (or whatever you choose to actually pull the list, it’s fairly easy to change.)  Currently by default it can give you a raw html list, an rss feed, or the list in javascript form.  Simply unpack it, make sure the data folder is writeable, set the password in config.php and then hit admin.php and off you go.  A demo is available. It’s reset every half hour, and the password is ‘demo’.

I plan to release a version with some link generators for this in the coming weeks, until then you’ll need to hand-write the actual URLs to pull the lists.

Download Project – linker