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A Script A Day – Corner Cut – Day 05/05

I decided to do something with ImageMagick for my 5th day’s script. My original idea for day 5 proved to be too much for one night. A script to cut triangular corners into images. Pretty simple, but this may come in handy one day while designing something.

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A Script A Day – WhatIs – Day 03/05

Day 3’s script: `whatis`: A wikipedia summary lookup.  It’s operation is pretty straightforward, you give it a search to do and it’ll perform the lookup for you.  If you hit a redirect it should follow it, at least as of time of writing this. (Edit whatis_extract.xsl in the resources directory if it breaks.) Continue reading

A Script A Day – Day 02/05

Continuing along, day 2’s task was to get stock quotes.  Usually a pretty simple task once you find a data source to use.  I settled on using YQL to query Yahoo Finance.  This one has a few requirements (wget, hexdump, xsltproc) as bash is a bit limited.

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A Script A Day – Day 01/05

I had an idea for a programming self-challenge.  From Monday, Sept 1st to Friday, Sept 5th: I’ll write a new script each day.  The goal should be simple enough to solve in one day, but not so boring I’d feel dumb writing about making it.  I’ll likely be sticking to business logic type goals, as I don’t actually enjoy algorithmic challenges as much.  Now if a practical goal requires a decent algorithm, then so be it.

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