Rythmbox Sync to USB Device

I have a sizable collection of music, so sizable in fact that I can’t store the full collection on any portal media.  Since I only use Windows to play video games, I use Rhythmbox to manage my music and found myself in need of a way to sync to a USB thumbdrive.  Now, the issue with this is that, by default, Rhythmbox doesn’t treat just any USB mass-storage device as an audio player, so I stumbled upon a post titled “Rhythmbox and USB mass storage sync” dealing with a similar problem.

All you need to do is create a file called “.is_audio_player” and add some content to it that’s something like this:


…and then scan removable media.  (Should be in the file menu)  One caveat you should be aware of is that I’m not sure if Rhythmbox will do any audio file conversion for you during the sync to your device.  But for moving a play list from one computer to another, this is plenty fine for me.