A Script A Day – Day 02/05

Continuing along, day 2’s task was to get stock quotes.  Usually a pretty simple task once you find a data source to use.  I settled on using YQL to query Yahoo Finance.  This one has a few requirements (wget, hexdump, xsltproc) as bash is a bit limited.

Finishing up day 2’s script late just like day 1’s. I started this one pretty late, between perusing StackOverflow for code snippets (for things like URL escaping in bash) and actually setting up the final display was about 2 hours.  The output is formatted with a pretty basic XSLT stylesheet.  My XSLT is clearly rusty. As such, handling error messages could have been a little more elegant, but I also kinda want to sleep.  As with the rest of the project, this has been added to the script-a-day repo.


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