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Ludum Dare: Marvie!

I produced an entry for this month’s Ludum Dare. It’s a traversal memory game where you have to find your way back home, but you can only pick one path forward, picking wrong forces you to reset.

A brief description:

Marvie is spacefaring alien and can only travel along asteroids. But Marvie has a problem.

He kind of disintegrates every asteroid he touches. He can’t help it. His psychologist says the condition will only get worse with age. How tragic.


Link to Play:
Link to Source:

Implemented almost entirely in JavaScript, this uses the DOM to render the playing area.

Google Maps API

I decided to try out the Google Maps API today and see what all I could do. It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to use the Maps API. Within about an hour I had got it set up and added a custom marker on the map to show where I guessed the Kitsap Regional Library in Bremerton, WA was. Turns out I was pretty close.

Check it out here:

You can even click the marker and it’ll say something, although something rather basic.