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Significant Times of the Day

Important times to watch out for

For those who cannot see images:

Significant times of the day

4:04 – Time is not found.
5:00 – Time is Broken.
4:03 – The forbidden time.
3:03 – The time for seeing others.
4:09 – Time of Confrontation
4:10 – Time of Disappearance
3:02 – Time of Finding
2:02 – Time of Willful Procrastination

Don’t quite get it? Read up on HTTP error codes.

Significant Times of the Day printable PDF

Significant Times of the Day source SVG (The fonts used are available on Font Squirrel.)

Planet Wallpaper

Followed Marvin X’s better planet tutorial.  Made a nice little wallpaper. It took a bit of time, but I’m happy with the result.  I added a few more layers to give it some more character, like the green lines along the surface of the planet and the extra cloud layer. Continue reading