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WordPress Code Generation

Over the past few months, I’ve been heavily involved in some heavily customized WordPress development projects. Well, years, actually. There’s a bit of boilerplate involved for sure, and that’s where code generators step in. At least I would argue that defining the callbacks and hooking into the necessary actions is boilerplate.

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Deepest Sender

Typing this from Deepest Sender (while listening to a remixes of Septette for the Dead Princess)  It’s kinda nice and exactly what I was looking for – An extension for Firefox that allows you to post directly to your blog. (Of course you need XML RPC turned on to do so.)  I note that it can’t upload or resize photos for you, but that would kinda be feature bloat anyway, wouldn’t it? Ack, it seems to lack the ability to easily make headings and such as well, but you can add them with raw HTML in the source editting tab though.

For a quick one-off post like this, it seems as though it might be a useful tool to have at your disposal.

What’s better yet is that it allows you to save your post so you can come back to it later.  (Might want to make sure you give it an XML file extension and don’t accidentally load the Kanji Dictionary XML file either.  It really doesn’t like that.  Oops.)

Looking for more Firefox blogging extensions?  I found them at speckboy design magazine.

WordPress Performance Issues

If you are administering your own WordPress blog and are suddenly seeing massive page load times after editing a post or adding a new category, try adding your host name to /etc/hosts. More information on this issue can be viewed on the link below. Basically, it boils down to WordPress making HTTP calls and needing to resolve your website’s host and failing.

[Resolved] Update a post and BLAM… Every page load is 20 seconds.