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Touhou Music DB

I’ve finally made an update to the Touhou Music database.  New version includes album art for a sizable portion of the albums in the database and distinguishes circle from artist.  Everything but search is faster. With releases of the touhou lossy music collection slowing (or possibly stopped entirely) I may need to find new sources of data.  At any rate, this version carries over the old version’s automatic youtube search functionality as well, though JavaScript is now required for it so I can have it load asynchronously.

Wanna check it out?  Click this friendly little link here: Touhou Music DB

CherryPad America Factory Reset

The CherryPad America is a tablet running Android I plan to write up a review for later, however a quick note for anyone who might be searching: Yes, if you do a factory restore, the default language will be Chinese.

You can change it to English by pressing the change-language button in the lower-right hand corner of the initial start screen where you are asked to press on the android. (But you can’t read that since it’s in Chinese. 😛 )  Then you can pick English and be good to go for your initial boot.

Greasemonkey vs. Website

I made a pretty normal trip to jlist (an online shop selling all manner of things Japanese) and for some reason thought: I bet I could change this store layout with Greasemonkey!  With a couple of hours of fiddling, I had managed to create a script that took their HTML and mangled it to my bidding.  That makes me sound kinda evil doesn’t it? At any rate, you can do some pretty impressive stuff to a page with just JavaScript.  So you can poke it and whatnot fairly easily, I’m providing both in this zip file: jlist condensing greasemonkey scripts

By default, when browsing by category, everything in is shown vertically with text and pictures.  I wanted to browse without scrolling so much, so at first I made this a greasemonkey userscript called “jlist-condense.user.js” and here’s the result with that one:

JList with the first condensing script

So, I decided to continue playing around with the script and then made a “super-condensed” version that uses even less space.  It would break on things that don’t have pictures at the moment btw, but most everything on jlist does have a picture. Further, I was just me messing around with Greasemonkey script shenanigans.  All it is is product image with a reflection (because I can) that you can mouse over for the title and click to view the full product descriptions.

Super-Condensed jlist greasemonkey script

Installing Danbooru

I noticed a couple of searches for ‘running danbooru’ in my search phrases for this site, so I decided to post a little bit more about that.  I assume someone searching for this was actually searching for help with installing danbooru.  Admittedly, I had some difficulty with it.  For one thing, I’d never used psql in my life. 😛

Here’s the INSTALL file that’s packaged with the source code so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you even fetch the source tree from Subversion.

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Freaking Bioshock!

Gah!  I finaly got my Steam-purchased copy of BioShock to work.  If you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and use a Realtek High-Definition Audio device and Bioshock crashes at startup: update your driver to the latest version from Realtek’s site.  Additionally, you may or may not need to enable the ‘stereo mix’ recording device in the ‘manage recording devices’ control panel applet.  (Right click in empty space and check show disabled devices for them to show up.)